12/12/23 Community Meeting Recap

GreenVest hosted a second, virtual public meeting on December 12th to provide residents with updates on stormwater management work in the Goshen Estates community, including outfall stabilization at Miracle Drive and stream restoration at Plum Creek Drive. Members of the project’s engineering, design and construction teams joined GreenVest’s Project lead to:

• Review County water quality goals and requirements related to the Goshen Estates projects.
• Provide summaries of project work and progress to-date.
• Provide an overview of updated design and construction plans.
• Share the County DEP’s long-term maintenance requirements.
• Confirm approximate schedules for ongoing planning and future construction.
• Discuss opportunities for a site walk with the GreenVest team before and after construction.

Click here to view the presentation shared at the meeting. A summary of questions and answers covered at the meeting, including project next steps and timelines, is also included below.

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December 12th Questions & Answers

When will construction begin?
Construction will begin in late 2024 or early 2025 and last approximately four to six months, depending on weather or other external factors that may cause delays. Excavation and related truck traffic will occur primarily within a 4-to-6-week window in the middle of the construction period. GreenVest will ensure residents are notified well in advance of the construction start date and will provide regular updates on upcoming site work throughout construction.

What are the plans or guidelines for the days and hours that construction will occur?
Construction will occur on weekdays between 7am and 5pm. There will be no site work on weekends and holidays. In the unlikely case that the need arises for construction work outside of these days and hours, GreenVest will coordinate with proximate landowners in advance.

Will GreenVest or the County ensure the establishment of plantings in the case of a drought?
GreenVest provides a one-year guarantee on the project, during which time we will ensure native plantings and trees are established properly and remain healthy and vigorous. This will include regular inspection and maintenance, as well as watering in drought conditions. Plantings, which include native drought tolerant species, are generally robust and sturdy once established in the year after construction. After the first year, Montgomery County will be responsible for maintenance, which will include inspections to document plant survivability.

Are there any potential impediments to the completion of these projects once construction begins?
Once all approvals are in place and construction has begun, circumstances that inhibit completion of the project are unlikely. GreenVest will communicate regularly leading up to and throughout construction to ensure any concerns or questions are addressed. Residents can sign up to receive construction alerts here on the project website and can communicate with our team directly via email at Hilary@GreenMiracleDrive.com.

What’s next?
Semi-final (65%) concept plans are being reviewed and the design and permitting process will continue until project construction begins. Residents will be invited to attend a pre-construction field walk in December 2024 or January 2025, as well as a post-construction field walk once the project is complete. Click here to sign up for field walk and construction alerts via email and/or text. Notice will also be posted here on the project website.

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