6/20/23 Community Meeting Recap

Thank you to those who joined us earlier this week to learn more about upcoming stormwater management improvements in the Goshen Estates community. If you missed the meeting, a copy of the presentation is available here on the project website. You can also see below the questions asked at the meeting, along with responses from our team.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions at info@GreenMiracleDrive.com or via phone/text at 240-839-4770. You can also click here to sign up for project updates and future meeting alerts and here for additional project resources and information.

Questions asked by residents at the meeting

Is this project being completed to address county or state construction credits related to the beltway expansion or something similar?

The work at Goshen Estates falls under the jurisdiction of Montgomery County and is being completed in accordance with the specific requirements and goals set forth in its MS4 permit to control and treat stormwater runoff from existing impervious surfaces that carry pollutants into streams and receiving waters within the County’s watersheds. The Miracle Drive and Plum Creek reaches, both within the Seneca Creek watershed, were identified through the County’s regular assessment of all watersheds as presenting an opportunity for water quality improvement. Residents can learn more about the County’s MS4 permit in our project FAQs or here in the County’s FY21 MS4 Permit Annual Report.

Highway infrastructure work is likely under the jurisdiction of the Maryland State Highway Administration or Montgomery County DOT (and potentially other smaller jurisdictions). The State Highway Administration has its own MS4 permit and completes water quality improvement projects independent of the Clean Water Montgomery Program. The work at Goshen Estates is not being completed to mitigate direct impacts to wetlands or waterways due to roadway construction.   

What is the typical size of trees that will be planted on site to replace any that must be removed for construction access?

While this will vary based on community input and tree species native to the area, the minimum planting size for trees is 1 inch in diameter, which would typically result in a six-to-seven-foot tree. The minimum planting size for shrubs is 18-24 inches in height.

Approximately how many vehicles will be parked on Plum Creek Court during construction?

We expect that 3-5 cars will be parked on Plum Creek Court during construction. These cars may not remain parked overnight. GreenVest will direct contractors to minimize the number of vehicles parked on Plum Creek Court to not exceed 5 vehicles. Exceptions may be required to facilitate pre-construction meetings, material deliveries or other instances where more labor is needed. In such a case, GreenVest will notify stakeholders in advance. Construction equipment (excavators) will remain in the staging areas off Plum Creek Court on an open, grassy field belonging to a private property owner who has granted access to the location for this purpose. Any property upon which construction staging and access occurs will be restored to its previous condition post-construction.

Will drainage swales along the roadways be impacted?

We anticipate laying temporary pipes of approximately 12-24 inches in diameter across the swales, covered by mulch material, to allow construction vehicles access without compromising drainage systems. Once construction is complete, the piping and mulch will be removed and any disturbed land will be reseeded and restored to its original condition.

Will property owners be given input on which trees will be removed?

While our projects are always designed to protect existing trees, some removal will be required to access the stream or in cases where there are dying trees in the channels. Once we have moved beyond the concept-level design of this project and have a clearer understanding of exactly where the need for tree removal exists, GreenVest will be happy to arrange site walks with property owners to look more closely at project design assumptions generally and individual tree characteristics, sizes, species and conditions specifically. Tree icons on current project maps are designed only to present the general location of possible tree removal, rather than to specify the location of any planned removal.

How will this work address or be impacted by upstream properties that are not a part of this project?

GreenVest considers unrestored upstream channels in our planning processes and can design a stable transition from unrestored to restored stream reaches. As currently proposed, restoration of Plum Creek will account for the lack of upstream repair on non-participating properties. Should upstream or downstream reaches be restored in the future or stormwater management be added to these properties, the current project will continue to function as designed. 

In the event of a 100-year storm, who will be responsible for any required repair or maintenance?

The project will be designed for resilience in the event of a 100-year storm, which means that even if flooding occurs or some structural maintenance is required post-storm, the channels should maintain their intended function. GreenVest provides a one-year warranty on the completed stream and outfall channels, after which Montgomery County will be responsible for regular monitoring and any required structural maintenance or repair, which also includes replacing any plantings that may fail to thrive. In a large storm event where stones could potentially become dislodged or fast-moving water causes erosion within the channel, the County will be responsible for repairs. Property owners will have no additional responsibility beyond their current non-structural property maintenance, i.e. mowing, landscaping and debris removal on their property.

Will easement agreements be in place with impacted property owners before construction and how will the closing of easements be managed?

Yes. Our goal is to have easement agreements finalized and closed with a title company once project design and permitting are complete and all approvals are in place. We anticipate this will occur in the Fall of 2024.

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